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As you may know from reading my blog I am an environmentalist. My sister always makes me the coolest gifts and they reflect my passion for nature, animals, and the environment. I have written about them before here

This year for Christmas she made me "reusable paper towel." I know what you are thinking - they are not paper. And they are not, but for the most part you use them like paper towel, so I don't know what else to call them. So to me, they are reusable paper towel! 

She made these and also sent met he paper towel rack to put them on. Each one is a square that snaps together and they roll up and go on the paper towel rack. You see the print side, but the other side is an absorbant terry cloth. Before she got me these I used to mainly use kitchen towels to dry my fruits and veggies, but I would lose track of if it was the right one on the counter or if that one had been used for dishes. It got confusing and I would have to pull out another clean towel.

Now with these reusable paper towels the confusion is gone. These are dedicated fruit and veggie dryers. I use it to dry my fruits and veggies, then toss them in with my kitchen towels to be washed. I love them! There are instructions online for how to make these, which is where she said she got the idea. They are great!

If you do buy paper towel please stick to buying recycled varities. That way you not contributing to cutting down virgin trees in order to use a paper towel for a few seconds and trash it. Better yet, stick to using reusable towels and napkins.


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