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I've been a vegetarian for around 17.5 years now. Anyone who has been a vegetarian for a while knows that you have to be a label reader. Companies add animal products to the weirdest things! I once found fish as an ingredient in microwave popcorn of all things! So I'm usually great at reading labels and know the words to scan for to ensure that the product is vegetarian or vegan. This week I messed up!

I like to make homemade trail mix and planned to make some this week. So while at the store I was getting a few things I wanted to add to it, including cashews, peanuts, raisins, dried apricots, etc. I also wanted to add in some sunflower seeds. That's where I made my mistake. I just grabbed the Planter's sunflower kernels off the shelf without reading the ingredients. Big mistake!

I get them home, open the container, and happen to notice the long list of ingredients on the back. It caught my attention because it was kind of long when all it was supposed to be was sunflower kernels. I read the label, as I should have done before purchasing, and there it was.... staring me right in the face, one of the dirty little words that we vegetarians try to avoid... GELATIN!

Come on, man! Gelatin in the sunflower seeds, seriously? I was very disappointed. Money down the drain because I won't use them now. I honestly wish companies would stop sticking animal products in products where they have no business being there... like sunflower kernels, or popcorn. Grrr!

Always read the labels when buying a product for the first time. It's not the first time I have bought sunflower kernels, but it's the first time I have bought the Planter's brand. The companies cannot be trusted to sell you a straight wholesome product right off. They must be tested by you scanning the label. Shame on Planter's for adding animal bones tissues to something so natural and wholesome as sunflower kernels!

You can read the full ingredient list on the Planter's Sunflower Kernels here.


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Thanks for the warning. Even though it's opened, it is reasonable to expect a pack of seeds would not contain such an ingredient, so if in your shoes, I'd take it back and explain. Maybe the word would get back to the company!


I am with you, I thought about taking it back as well. But I hate takings back. Maybe I can get my husband to do it! :)

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