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Vegan Girl Scout Cookies - Yes, they do exist!

I had read recently that the Girl Scouts had a vegan "Thanks-a-Lot" cookie available. I have not tried Thinmints_pkg1
them, but I have heard they are good. Yesterday a friend of mine stopped by, who is a Girl Scout leader, and she had her cookie order form in hand to see if I wanted to purchase any. I took a look at the order form to find the Thanks-a-Lot cookie, and sure enough, it is labeled right on the order form as being vegan! Score!

Then I decided to look at the rest of the cookies on the order form and low and behold the Thin Mint cookie is also labeled as being vegan! Now I don't know if cookies vary by geographic region, meaning that they can be different depending on where you are, but here in Florida, we have two vegan Girl Scout cookies to choose from.

I'm thrilled that there are two vegan Girl Scout cookies, and that one of them is their top seller (the thin mints). Now if we can just get them to get the palm oil out of the cookies (which is an ongoing issue that some Girl Scout members are even taking on). One issue at a time, I suppose...

Update - February 26, 2013-
I got my Vegan Girl Scout cookes and they are great! Some people have contacted me to say that Girl Scout cookies are not vegan. Well, again, I have to say that it depends on where you are demographically. The cookies we get in our area come from ABC Bakers, and they are indeed vegan thin mints (and others)! They also have other vegan varieties to choose from. You can see them here, as well as a list of which ones are vegan, as they are labeled as such.

If you do not live in an area where are getting the vegan Girl Scout cookie options start making some noise! Gather a petition, write letters, make phone calls... let it be known that you also want the vegan ones available in your area. Let the Girl Scouts main office know it matters to you! If enough people buy the vegan ones, and want the vegan ones in other areas, the vegan love may spread!


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