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While visiting my sister over in Tallahassee today I decided to do a quick search for a vegetarian restaurant in the area that we could hit up for lunch. Sweet Pea Cafe came up in my search and we decided to give it a shot!

Sweet Pea Cafe is a small restaurant that is in what looks like a converted house. It's an all vegan restaurant that has a good menu of options available. Inside, they have two booths, three small tables (each for two people), and one bar with two stools. Not a lot of indoor seating, but there is some. Outside they have quite a few picnic tables and it is a covered eating area. We pulled the three small tables together to eat indoors, only because it was rainy and on the chilly side outside, otherwise I would have eaten outdoors.

Tallahassee 065

I ordered the Buffalo Tofu, my husband ordered the Tempeh Reuben, and for the kids I got them the quesadilla (served with beans and rice) to share. My sister, who is not a vegetarian, also ordered the quesadilla dish. I also ordered the fresh brewed fair trade iced tea, which was very good! With the sandwiches you can choose a side. I chose sweet potato fries and my husband chose regular fries.

My husband and I swapped half a sandwich, so that we each got 1/2 of the reuben and 1/2 of the buffalo tofu. We like to do that to get a chance to try more things and change it up a bit. The buffalo tofu was good. I really liked it. It's a spicy buffalo sauce on there and the tofu is nice and crispy. The sandwiches are also served on organic bread. I liked the reuben even better than the buffalo tofu! It was really good. I liked everything about it! The fries were also good.

Tallahassee 062

The kids ate all the quesadilla and liked it. They liked the beans, but were not big fans of the rice. My sister also liked the quesadilla, and was not a big fan of the rice. 

Tallahassee 063

The restaurant is small, a little on the cluttered side (there is a lot of storage in the dining area that clutters it up), but I like the place and would go back again. I like that they have organic ingredients, care about the environment (they even have a compost bin), the staff was friendly, and the food was good. And that it is all vegan! It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to walk into a restaurant and order anything on the menu, rather than trying to find one or two dishes that are possibilities. And, it was a Sunday around noon and the place was packed! All the seating indoors was taken and most of it outdoors was taken as well. This place does a lot of business. Two thumbs up for Sweet Pea Cafe located in Tallahassee!

Below you will see a picture of their menu. They do also have daily specials. 

  Tallahassee 061

Tallahassee 066

Tallahassee 054

Tallahassee 055

(pictured: my sister is at the counter placing her order, my kids are closest to the camera, waiting at the table)

Tallahassee 057

Tallahassee 064

Tallahassee 067


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