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This morning when I stopped in Target I noticed that gardein had out another product. They have so many tasty vegetarian products now! I haven't tasted a gardein product that I don't like yet, so I bought the gardein crispy chick'n sliders and figured my husband and I would have them for lunch.

I made the gardein crispy chick'n sliders for lunch and served them up along side some celery/carrot sticks, hummus, and some grapes. What a delicious vegetarian lunch! The gardein sliders can go into the microwave, but I chose to cook them in the oven. It only takes 15 minutes and I usually like the way things turn out better when cooked in the oven, compared to the microwave.

After cooking up the chick'n sliders I topped the bun with vegan mayo, onion, lettuce, and tomato. Great little sandwich! Both my husband I liked them and thought it was a good lunch. I am thinking that these little vegetarian sliders would be a good option to put into my kid's lunch boxes once in a while. I would cook up the patty, assemble the sandwhich, and wrap it up in natural wax paper. They would love it! I already do this with veggie nuggets and corn dogs (I wrap the corn dog in foil and add a small container of ketchup) and they love those as well.


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Can't wait to get the chicken sliders up here, the Beefless sliders are great!

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