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Vegetarian Thanksgiving - So many options!


When I became a vegetarian over 17 years ago there were not a lot of options for Thanksgiving dinner. I would go to visit family and eat side dishes or take something lasagne with me. Things sure have changed, in a wonderful way! Today there are so many great vegetarian Thanksgiving options available that the hardest part now about a vegetarian Thanksgiving is narrowing down which option you want to take.

Here are some vegetarian Thanksgiving options that today are widely available:

  • The Tofurky. For probably the last dozen years we have been eating a Tofurky for our P_holiday_roast Thanksgiving meal, but also for other special holiday meals like Christmas and Easter. We love the Tofurky!
  • Field Roast. They have a celebration roast that is really good! I haven't personally cooked it, but a friend had made it and gave me one and I thought it was great.
  • Gardein holiday roast. They have come out with a new holiday roast. I haven't tried it, but everything I have tried by gardein is good, so I suspect this will be as well. They also have this stuffed turk'y option that I have tried and is great!
  • Vegan Whole Turkey. This is an all vegan product that looks like a turkey. I personally have not tried it and honestly I don't think I would because it looks like a turkey (the dead turkey is an image I want to get away from). But some people may like it, especially if they are choosing a vegetarian Thanksgiving for health reasons more than ethical ones.

To find these items, check places like Whole Foods Market, health food stores, and some grocery stores. Even Publix is now carrying products like the Tofurky roast during the holidays.

Beyond these convenience (and tasty) options there are others as well. Some vegetarian CR-both-10-11 restaurants sell take-out vegetarian Thanksgiving meals, and you can opt for something completely different. There are many recipes around for special roasts made from seitan, tofu, and even pearled barley. You can also choose some fall favorite foods, such as stuffed squash as your main entree. There are so many options!

Next Saturday I am hosting a vegan Thanksgiving potluck at my home. I'm expecting around 20 people to attend. I will be sure to take pictures and post about how it goes! Having a vegetarian Thanksgiving today is so simple. And the great thing is that it is compassionate, better for the animals, better for the planet, and better for you!


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