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Eco sunglasses


Consider for a moment the number of sunglasses that are used throughout the country. People routinely replace them because they lose them, break them, or simply decide it is time for a new style. Problem is, they are usually made of plastic, and if you know anything about plastic you know it's here to stay.

Plastic never goes away! Because of this, it's important that we reduce the amount we use, avoid it if Small sunglasses
we can, and choose plastics that are made from recycled products. That's just what I did when I bought my new pair of sunglasses!

First, let me explain that I had put off buying a new pair of sunglasses for a while. But my other pair were a mess. They were so scratched up and hard to look through that it was getting ridiculous to use them. So it was time to break down and buy a pair. I picked out a pair of Eco Earth Conscious Optics sunglasses by Summer Rayne Oakes. They are a shade of burgundy, polarized, and lovely!

These sunglasses are 95 percent recycled, they are environmentally friendly, and for every pair of the recycled sunglasses purchased the company plants a tree. For me, an environmentalist, I couldn't be happier. I loved the company philosophy, as well as the recycled sunglasses. I have had them for about two weeks now and I'm loving them. They feel great, look great, and I love telling people that they are recycled sunglasses. Oh, and they also came with a mailing envelope that you can send your unwaned glasses to them in for recycling. Two thumbs up!

The company that makes them has a nice line of recycled sunglasses, as well as prescription frames. You can learn more about them here. So far, I love Eco Optics and highly recommend them. They are good for the planet and for you! You can order online, but I found these right at my local sunglass store, where I could check out their selection of them and try them on.

Pictured: Me and my new eco friendly recycled sunglasses.


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