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Do lobsters feel pain? Do fish feel pain?

Happy World Vegetarian Day 2012


This month marks 17 years that I have been a vegetarian. October 1st is considered World Vegetarian Day, and October is Vegetarian Awareness Month. While many people are using the term "vegan" today, I still prefer to use the word "vegetarian." Perhaps it's because when I first took animals out of my diet I hadn't even heard of the word vegan. For years I called myself a vegetarian and still prefer to. 

This month try to do a couple of things to raise awareness about vegetarianism. You can write a letter to the editor, post something on your Facebook page, attend a vegetarian festival, or hold an event to teach others about vegetarianism (VegFund will actually help cover the costs). 

Let's make it another great Vegetarian Awareness Month, everyone. It's obvious to me over the years that the country is becoming increasingly more vegetarian friendly. Restaurants are offering more vegetarian options, stores are carrying more vegetarian food, and many people are even transitioning to Meatless Mondays (and beyond). The more we raise awareness, the more that trend will continue.


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