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Asian Sauce Box - Port Orange - Review

Last night on our date night we decided to try the Asian Sauce Box restaurant, which is located in Port Orange in the Pavilion at Port Orange. The restaurant has been opened for while now, but we have never went. I have heard mixed reviews from others regarding the place, so I thought it was time we check it out for ourselves. Asian Sauce Box serves a mixture of meals, including Chinese, Japanese, and Thai.

The decor in the restaurant is very nice. I think they have done a great job decorating the restaurant. It seems very comfortable and a nice place to have a date night. The staff was all friendly and we got good service. 

We didn't want to order a lot of food, because we were going to be going to the theater after dinner and we had snacks in my purse for that. So we tried the vegetable rolls and the Buddha's feast, with fried tofu added in. When we first sat down they set down a bowl of crispy wonton noodles, which I love. They were served with sweet sauce (plum sauce?), and wasabi. 

The food was served with white rice. I thought the vegetable roll was good. It's not the best ones I have had, but they were still really good (my favorite spring roll is at Siam Spice in Daytona Beach). I would certainly order them again at Asian Sauce Box, though. The Buddha's feast was tasty as well. The sauce was very light and the dish tasted healthy and delicious. Overall, we enjoyed the food, as well as the atmosphere. I would recommend the place to others, and we will go back again as well.

Here are some pictures from our meal at the Asian Sauce Box in Port Orange:

October 2012 206

October 2012 204

October 2012 205


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