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Vegetarian-Fed Turkey

September 2012 024
(A sign in Panera Bread touting the vegetarian-fed turkey)

Lately I keep hearing a commercial by Panera Bread that offers information about a "vegetarian-fed" turkey sandwich they are offering. The commercial keeps playing on the radio and every time I hear it the same thing goes through my mind.

They keep touting the fact that it's "vegetarian-fed" turkey. So, apparently it's vegetarian-fed and vegetarian diets are a good thing. At least for the turkey, because the person is going to eat it. The vegetarian diet is something to tout for the turkey, but yet they are using that to get the human to eat the turkey. Hmm, wouldn't the vegetarian diet also be good for the human? After all, any nutrition that the human is gaining from the turkey came from a vegetarian diet. 

Here's an idea, why not skip the middle man (or in this case, the middle turkey) and just eat the vegetarian diet yourself! That way you gain all the benefits of eating the vegetarian diet, rather than the turkey getting them, and then it being passed on to you.

That's what goes through my mind. It's not just Panera Bread though, this is something I've been hearing from others as well. They tout the animal being fed a vegetarian diet, because it's a good thing. But you know what, it is a good thing for the human, too! And besides health, choosing the vegetarian diet yourself it is better for the planet and the animals. You can spare the turkey, eat the vegetarian food yourself, and everyone wins!


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