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Guiltless Gourmet Crunches Review

Looking for a good vegan snack? Try the new guiltless gourmet crunches! 

The company sent me three bags of their new product to try, in three different flavors. I kept two for me and my family and gave one bag to a friend for her family to try. In my home we thought they were great. It's a nice little snack that is healthy and has a slightly sweet touch. I really liked it a lot, as did my husband and kids.

My friend took the berries one home with her. I saw her two days later and she told me how great they thought the crunches were. She was instantly a fan!

Two thumbs up on the guitless gourmet crunches. They make for a good snack and one that I'll be looking for when I go to the store! You can find more info on the guitless gourmet crunches here.


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