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The Electric Tennis Raquet Bug Zapper... yikes!

August 2012 022

As I was walking through the store the other day I came across this item that looked like a tennis racquet, but is a bug zapper. Yikes! That was all I could think. Seriously? People are going to start using a raquet to kill bugs? It's an electric raquet! 

I don't know about you, but it seems crazy to me to use an electric tennis raquet to kill bugs. It makes a game out of taking the life of another creature. If someone has bug problems there are more humane ways to handle them. Could you imagine of other species pulled such antics with us? Yikes again!

Two thumbs down for the electric bug zapper that looks like a tennis raquet. I can see these things being recalled in no time... it's just going to take a couple of children thinking they are toys, playing with them, and then getting injured! The writing is on the wall on this one.


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