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Republicans vs. Democrats on Animal Rights, Gender Beliefs and Animal Rights

I've blogged before about politics, but with the Presidential election just around the corner I thought it Republican-and-Democrat
was a good time to do it again. I came across a really interesting Gallup poll today that involved the issue of voting Republican vs. Democrat when it comes to animal rights.

In the poll, Gallup asked people from different political parties what they thought was "morally acceptable." Here is where the people fall on the issues related to animal rights. The percentage shows the number that believe the act is morally acceptable:

Buying and wearing clothing made from fur - Democrats 54%, Republicans 61%
Cloning animals - Democrats 34%, Republicans 27%
Medical testing on animals - Democrats 58%, Republicans 62%

As you can see, and as I have pointed out in prior posts, there is not much difference when it comes to views on animal rights when we break it down by political party. People often tend to believe that the Democrats are somehow so much better for the animal rights movement. This is simply not true!

Something else that is interesting is that Gallup reported there is a big gender gap when it came to supporting animal rights issues. In fact, they state "The sharpest differences between men and women on these issues are not found on abortion or other reproductive matters, but on three issues that involve the ethical treatment of animals."

Here are the gender differences when it comes to particular animal rights issues. These percentages show the percentage of people who do find the behavior morally acceptable:

Buying/wearing clothing made of fur - men 73%, women 48%
Cloning animals - men 43%, women 19%
Medical testing on animals - men 69%, women 49%

As you can see, there are some vast differences in morally acceptable behavior when it comes to gender. Perhaps people should focus on that a little more than political differences in relation to animal rights. The bottom line is that when it comes to politics, both political parties are similar in their views on animal rights. But when it comes to gender, women are clearly more in favor of animal rights. 

You can read the full Gallup poll, titled "Four Moral Issues Sharply Divid Americans" here.


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