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Feeding Vegetarian and Vegan Kids, Buffet Style

August 2012 001

The other day the kids were running around the house playing, but I wanted to feed them. They didn't want to stop playing, so I decided to do more of a little buffet style meal. I made up vegan quesadillas (with carb balance tortillas, so they have fiber), and cut up some fresh fruits and veggies.

This picture is the result of what I made. I set this on the table and with 30 minutes it was all gone. As the kids walked by they munched here and there, grabbing at various things. While I'm a big fan of sitting down for family meals, once in a while it's okay to let them have a little fun (they had friends over). And this meal got the job done, it was healthy, and they probably ate more on the run than if I had made them stop playing and sit at the table (because they would have been in a hurry to get up and get back to playing).

Just another fun idea in feeding kids healthy vegan and vegetarian meals!


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