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Ethos Vegan Kitchen Review - Orlando - New Location

I've written about Ethos Vegan Kitchen before. It's a place that I go to once or twice a month and really like. I would go more often, but I live an hour away. So we usually go there when we go to Orlando to do shopping, go to the museums, etc. This month Ethos Vegan Kitchen moved into their new location. I was pefectly happy with their other location and thought it was nice. But yesterday we stopped into the new location, which is just minutes from where they used to be, in Winter Park. And... wow!

The new location of Ethos Vegan Kitchen is beautiful! They have done such a nice job on this place. It's nicely decorated, has lots of booths (I like booths), and they expanded the menu. They even added a kid's section, which I am so grateful for. The place was very busy the whole time we were there, which was great. I loved seeing so many people heading in there for vegan food.

I had my favorite dish there, the chickun marsala, my husband has his favorite, the coconut curry wrap, and the kids shared an order of macaroni and cheese with peas, and a bowl of fruit. Everything was really good! We love Ethos!

Not only have they created a beautiful dining area, but they have a nice bar, and there was even a live DJ. They now have a hostess who seats you and waiters who take your order and bring your food. Two thumbs way up for the new and improved Ethos Vegan Kitchen!

Here's some pictures from my stop in there yesterday:

Ethos 006

Ethos 008

Ethos 009

Ethos 011

Ethos 012

Ethos 013

Ethos 014

Ethos 015

Ethos 016



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The Vegan Gypsy

Wow, this place looks amazing! I have a trip to Orlando planned for early next month, will definitely have to stop by!

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