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Follow Your Heart does it again!

I've been a faithful user of Follow Your Heart's Vegenaise for years. I love it, I swear by it, there is no De Leon Springs 017
need for anyone on the face of the planet to ever need non-vegan mayo. Not since Vegainaise was created. It's wonderful! I use it for making macaroni salad, potato salad, on sandwiches, etc.

Fast forward to a few months ago. I was looking for a new vegan salad dressing. I wanted a vegan ranch, but didn't know if one even existed. Low and behold, in the cold produce section of Whole Foods Market, I found Vegan Ranch salad dressing, put out by Follow Your Heart. But that's not all, I also found Vegan Honey Mustard salad dressing by them as well. I literally felt like jumping up and down!

I've went through several bottles of each of these over the last few months (we eat a lot of salads). The whole family likes them. They are great! They have become our new favorites. I'm so glad to have found them. I also found out that my local Love's Whole Foods (in Port Orange) carries the Vegan Caesar salad dressing, also by Follow Your Heart. It's also great! 

These are three vegan salad dressings that I will be buying for years to come. Two thumbs up for these, and kudos to another home run for Follow Your Heart!

De Leon Springs 016

(salad features: Romaine, tomatos, pineapple, vegan croutons, gardein scallopini, avacado, onion, and carrots)


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