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Saravanaa Bhavan Indian Vegetarian Restaurant Review - Orlando

We recently took a mini-vacation to Orlando (an hour away from where we live). I had acquired some free hotel stay passes from some writing that I did, so we decided to make use of them. While over there we were driving around and I spotted a restaurant called Saravanaa Bhavan Indian Vegetarian Restaurant. I made a mental note of it and the next day we went there for dinner.

The restaurant is located in a shopping center, which is next door to Panera Bread (where I had been getting iced tea the day before when I spotted the place). It is a nice looking restaurant and is clean. The staff was friendly and the food was very good! 

While I don't know all the Indian dish names of everything without looking at the menu, we had some bread, chickpeas, dosa, and rice. The official names of what we had were the masala dosa (which had potatoes and onions in it, served with a variety of chutney and lentil soup), the vegetable biriyani, and the ghanna baturo (a big fluffy bread served with chick peas masala). My husband and I typically order several dishes like this and then share it all.

The food came out looking great and everything tasted very good! It was a nice restaurant to eat in, the staff was nice, and the food was great. Two thumbs up for Saravanaa Bhavan Indian Vegetarian Restaurant, located in Orlando! Here's some pictures of the place and the food below. 

Orlando_trip_lyonia 048

Orlando_trip_lyonia 049

Orlando_trip_lyonia 050

Orlando_trip_lyonia 056

Orlando_trip_lyonia 060

Orlando_trip_lyonia 061

Orlando_trip_lyonia 057

Orlando_trip_lyonia 058


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Jessica @Vegbooks

Oooh yum! We visited Orlando a couple winters ago, and we ate surprisingly delicious Indian food near Disney, but I would have loved to have gone to an all veg Indian restaurant. I'll definitely try this one out next time we're in that area. Thanks for the recommendation!

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