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DeLand Bakery and Natural Market - Deli Review - Vegetarian Dining in DeLand, Florida

I have seen ads for the DeLand Bakery and Natural Market for quite some time. They show up in local
papers, but I've never been there, as I don't make it over to DeLand much. However, today I was in DeLand and decided to stop there to grab lunch. The market is nice and they carry a lot of vegetarian and vegan products. However, I was really impressed by their deli!

Their deli is nice, clean, and very vegetarian friendly. They offered three vegetarian wraps on their menu board, all of which could easily be veganized. In addition, they had a hot foods bar that had more foods that looked good, including mushrooms, rice, and even an edamame dish. They also have cold salad bar that has some fruit salad. So there are plenty of dishes to consider here for the vegetarian or vegan.

We decided upon getting one of the Greek wraps (falafel) and one of the Tex mex wraps (soy chicken), and splitting it, so we could try both of them. With the exception of going with no cheese, we got the rest of it made the way they describe it on the menu. They were both really good! We liked both wraps, and we had grabbed a bag of sweet potato chips to go with it, which were great.

Two thumbs up for the DeLand Bakery and Natural Market. Good food and great options. We are already planning our next stop there! Now we have a reason to make it over to DeLand more often.

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