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Animal Protection Groups Serving Animals - What's wrong with this picture?

Have you ever noticed an event going on in your community that is being put on by an animal Question_mark
organization or humane society? If so, inquire about what is being served at the event. You will often find out by doing this which organizations really want to protect animals, and which ones only care about one or two species of animals.

Twice in the last week this has happened to me. In the first incident I saw that a horse rescue was holding an open house and they were going to have a BBQ at the event. When I inquired about it I found out it is not vegetarian food they are BBQing. Sadly, they are rescuing one species and holding an event to show their pride in doing so, as they serve up another on plates. This makes absolutely no sense at all. I hope those that attend will stop and realize that there is no logical reason for rescuing a horse, yet eating a cow. 

Secondly, a local humane society is holding a fundraiser party. I inquired about the party to ensure that the food being served would be at least vegetarian (if not vegan!). The response I got back was that there would be vegetarian options available. I dug a little deeper, and indeed they are serving animals. Yet on their website they claim that their mission is to protect animals from abuse and cruelty. How can they not see the problem here? When I explained it to the person I was corresponding with, the reply was "Someday we'll get there." Well, someday should be now. It really is not anymore difficult to opt for vegetarian/vegan catering, and I'm pretty sure that anyone attending a humane society fundraiser will understand why there are no animals on the menu.

This has been two incidents in the last week, but it's certainly not the first I've encountered. I urge you to pay attention to such things in your own community, especially when it involves organizations that have a mission of protecting animals. Inquire about what is being served and let them know that it's not appropriate, it's even hypocritical, to serve meat at their function. If nobody says anything, they will go on assuming it's okay. Speak out for the animals, and perhaps the tide will change, and they "will get there" faster.


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