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I have blogged in the past about the Two Degrees Bars. Every time you purchase one you are also giving a hungry person a meal somewhere in the world. That's the whole idea behind "two degrees."

The company sent me a new flavor in the mail to sample. It was the chocolate banana one. There were other flavors as well, but my husband and kids gobbled those up (and liked them). I got first pick and snatched the chocolate banana one.

Wow! I loved it. Absolutely delicious. And reading the label I was really impressed. It has quinoa and chia seeds in it. Great flavor, texture, etc. I really loved it.

I ate it a couple of days ago and today I went to Whole Foods Market to shop. I wanted to buy more of this bar, but unforunately the store didn't seem to carry any of the Two Degrees bars. Bummer! If you do come across them, give it a try. It's great bar and it passes some good along as well.


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I am definitely going to give this a try. Great blog. Glad I found it.


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