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Oskri Organics Quinoa Bar Review


I'm a fan of quinoa. I love it and prepare it as part of dinner at least once a week. I also keep my eye out for other quinoa items that I may come across while shopping. Over this past weekend I came across the Oskri Organics Quinoa Bar, while shopping in Whole Foods Market.

In the package, which is considered one serving, there are three very thin quinoa bars. Really this can be shared, and I did share it with my husband. I like how there are three small bars, because it makes it easy to share or save some for later. The quinoa bar looks just like the sesame candies that I used to like to eat and would get from some restaurants, where I order falafel.

I enjoyed the quinoa bar. It actually tasts just like eating a sesame bar as well. It is a good treat to eat once in a while. It has 6 grams of protein, 14 grams of sugar, and 12 grams of fat. So it's not a bar that I would eat for health purposes, but it's nice as a treat. I'm sure I would buy this bar again, and if you like the sesame candies as well, you may want to give the quinoa bar a try!


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