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Around two months ago I finally upgraded to the the iPhone 4. At that time everyone advised me that I Phone case 032
just "had" to have an Otter Box to go with it. So I bought one, put it on my phone, and instantly hated it (it's big, bulky, etc.). I returned it, and the search for the perfect case continued.

Fast forward a couple of months, of which I have been using my phone with no case, and stumbled across an iPhone case that I knew instantly was the one for me. Being the environmentalist that I am, I was thrilled to have found the line of iPhone cases by a company called Trtl Bot. Each case is upcycled, where they have taken one whole plastic bottle and used it to create the case. While that is my idea of love, it doesn't stop there!

This iPhone case is shipped in environmentally friendly packaging as well, even a biodegradeable bag! And if that wasn't enough, it is sleek (rather than bulky) and has a lanyard. I absolutely love that feature. I can't tell you how often I hold my phone and think "I hope I don't drop it." Those thoughts are over, as the landyard comfortably goes around the wrist and I can stand there at a concert snapping pictures, not worrying about the crazy spectators swaying back and forth around me.

This eco-friendly iPhone 4 case comes in a variety of colors to choose from. There are also several designs, including one that has a credit card/ID holder, and one that has a fold-out tri-pod. I knew right away that this was the perfect iPhone case for me. I picked out green, well, because it's so "green" (green living/environmentally friendly).

One more super cool feature about Trtl Bot iPhone case is that it is made in America. So you can buythis iPhone case knowing you are making a good choice for the planet, as well as for the country. Two thumbs way up for the Trtl Bot iPhone case. I absolutely love everything about mine!

Phone case 033

Phone case 034

Phone case 035

Phone case 036


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