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Came across another article this morning about raising vegetarian children. It was the kind that makes IMG_0124
me roll my eyes, as it offers up the typical stuff that you read over and over in these articles.

First off, I had to roll my eyes at the mom of a vegetarian child being quoted as saying that she would do "anything" to have her child eat a chicken nugget. Really? If she's that worried about protein, why not introduce the child to compassionate (and healthier) protein choices, such as nuts, seeds, quinoa, beans, etc.

Secondly, I am so tired of comments like this: 

"A young person can get all of the nutrition they need with a carefully planned vegetarian diet," Gidus says.

Gidus, a registered dietician, is using the same saying most of them do. That vegetarian children need "carefully planned" diets. Yes, folks, it's the vegetarian kids we should all be worried about, not the meat-eating children who are now suffering from obesity, and even high cholesterol before the age of 10. Omnivore parents don't get the "carefully planned" diet warnings that us vegetarian parents do.

Yet I would go out on a limb here to say that we parents who are raising vegetarian children pay far more attention to our child's diet to begin with. Most of us opt for natural foods, prefer organic, skip chemicals, and avoid things like hydrogented oils and high fructose corn syrup. That's because we are already leaps and bounds ahead of other parents in terms of understanding more about our food supply. But according to all the nutrition experts it is us who needs to carefully plan our child's diet. Sheesh!

Furthermore, the article points out that one out of every 200 children in America is now vegetarian. Yet later on in the article they site reasons why some children go vegetarian and one of them is peer pressure. This one almost makes me laugh out loud. No, not almost, it really does! Peer pressure to go vegetarian? Where in the country is this happening, I would love to know! That's a school I want my children to go to.

When vegetarian children make up less than 1 percent of all children it is really unlikely that they are laying on the pressure for others to become vegetarian, and becoming successful in transforming a lot of them. My two vegetarian children have not put the pressure on anyone and they are the only vegetarians in each of their classrooms. In fact, we only know of about 5-6 vegetarian children in their whole school. Peer pressure to go vegetarian? I think not.

Omnivores need to start paying more "careful" attention to their child's diet. That way they can help them avoid obesity, diabetes, clogged arteries, etc. Any dietician who uses the "carefully planned" scare tactic regarding vegetarian children is one that doesn't know much about vegetarianism and one that has met very few vegetarian children. If they met mine they would see they are healthy, intelligent, growing like weeds, and they know more about the food industry than most adults in this country do! Anyway, that's my rant for the day. 

You can read the article here. Pictured above: My two vegetarian munchkins (vegetarian since conception, and no, I don't carefully plan their diet. But I do feed them healthy and nutritious food, like all parents should do).


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Yes! It annoys me SO much to read those words - carefully planned! grr.

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