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Celebrating Earth Day 2012 With My Family

Happy Earth Day!

It’s one of my favorite holidays, so I like to do things with my kids to make it special for them as well. Earthday
Yesterday we went to the Earth Day festival in Orlando. Then today, to celebrate Earth Day, we started at the beach, doing a little beach clean-up and nature walk. We talked about everything we came across and carried a bag to pick up all the litter we encountered (which is a lot).

After about a half an hour or so it started raining. It was a huge downpour! We had to run all the way back to the car. By the time we got back we were all soaked, but we were all laughing so hard. I told them that it was nature in all its glory!

After that we stopped by a thrift store, and then went to see the new DisneyNature Chimpanzee movie (read my review). I love that my kids see that Earth Day is an important day and that we do something to celebrate. It’s a tradition that I hope they, and you, pass down!



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