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Johnny Rockets Veggie Burger Review - The Streamliner Vegan Burger

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When it comes to dining out for a veggie burger one of my favorite places to go is Johnny Rockets. This week we stopped in at Johnny Rockets, the Daytona Beach location, to grab a burger after taking the kids to see "The Lorax."

The Daytona Beach Johnny Rockets location has a wonderful beach location, that provides some diners with an ocean view. We have dined there on quite a few occassions since moving to the Daytona Beach area over five years ago.

We ordered the Streamliner, which is Johnny Rockets' veggie burger. It comes with grilled onions, tomato, pickles, lettuce, and mustard. Honestly I love pickles whole (or spears), but can't stand them on my veggie burger. But I always leave them on when ordering, because I immediately pull them off and my daughter eats them. 

The veggie burger at Johnny Rockets is good, as are the fries that it comes with. They also have a fun atmosphere. During their busy times the wait staff dance to some disco-type music. During their not-so-busy times they tend to ignore this aspect. I've been there more often when they didn't do the dancing than when they did. I think they only tend to do it when they are busy, but it is fun when you get to see it (although clearly some of the people despise every moment of it, as it shows on their face and in their body language). 

Anyway, if you want to dine out and have a veggie burger, check out Johnny Rockets. They used to have a blurb up dedicated to vegetarians, letting you know the burger was vegan and that they cook it on a separate part of the grill. However, it seems as though that page is gone now that they have made changes to their site.

By the way, you can get a veggie burger for the kids as well. It used to be an option on their old menu, but now it is not. But they will let you substitute the burger listed for the veggie burger for the kids. My kids shared a veggie burger and order of fries.


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