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Evos Restaurant Tampa - Vegetarian and Vegan Food Options

I've reviewed Evos before, but I wanted to do it again! It's not very often that I get to make my way over to Tampa in order to stop at one. So when I do, it's something I want to blog about. Evos is a fast food restaurant, but it's different than other fast food places.... in a lot of ways!

I love Evos and so does my family. Why? So many reasons, including that they have fair trade tea, organic ingredients, and plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. My kids had vegetarian corn dogs and "airfries" (they are healthier and not fried), while me and my husband had the veggie burger and shared a veggie corn dog (we had to try it!). We also had airfries. The kids got shakes with their meals, while I got iced tea (I'm a tea fanatic, and was in "heaven" when I saw my options). 

For fast food, the meals at Evos were good. We all liked the food and the kids ate every bit of their meals. You have to love the extra effort this place has taken to be healthier and more environmentally friendly. Their cups are even made from plants, so they are more eco friendly! 

I give Evos two thumbs way up. I think they need to open up across the country. That way people can have an option of getting tasty fast food meals that are better for their health, better for the planet, and better for the animals. Evos does serve meat, so don't think it's a totally vegetarian restaurant. But they have a lot of vegetarian options and make it easy on their menu to determine which options are vegetarian and vegan.

You can find the locations for Evos here. They have several locations in the Tampa area, as well as one in Georgia and one in North Carolina. If you happen to be near an Evos, check it out. You may just find the place as cool as I do! 

Here's some pictures from our stop at Evos in Tampa this week:












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Nikki Elizabeth

I haven't been to Evos in a couple of years (since I lived in New Tampa). I recall it being a great option, though. Nice review. I live in St. Pete now so I've been venturing over to Central Ave.

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