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Quinoa Cooked in No-Chicken Broth, Served with Gardein Beefless Tips

Up until last summer I had only had always cooked my quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) in water, as perBroth_nochicken
 the package instructions. But last summer my veg outreach collaborator brought some quinoa cooked in no-chicken broth to one of our monthly events.

Yum! I loved the flavor that it had. It was so much better than cooking it in water. So I decided to make it like that at home, finding the Imagine No-Chicken Broth right at my local grocery store. I served it up with some gardein beefless tips, broccoli and a side of fruit (I always serve a side of fresh fruit with dinner). Great dinner that even the kids like! This has become a staple in our house now.

Not only is quinoa super easy to make, very tasty cooked in the no-chicken broth, but it is also really good for you! Quinoa contains all essential amino acids and is a whole grain. You simply can't go wrong with it!  You can use it in stuffed peppers, as a side dish, in stir fry to replace rice, etc. Use your imagination and create some great dishes with it!

Quinoa can be purchased right at most grocery stores, either in the healthy food section, or near the
dry rice and beans. Many grocery stores also carry the Imagine No-Chicken Broth. Health food stores also carry both. Gardein beefless tips can typically be found in most grocery store freezer departments, as well as in health food stores.



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