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I've always been a big Michael Jackson fan. Truth be told, when I was a child it was his one-gloved period, a time when he was really big. Really big! Another interesting tidbit about my love for The King of Pop is that it was relating to Michael Jackson that I first heard the word "vegetarian."

I grew up in a small town in Northern Michigan (population less than 3,000), where the library had a very small selection of children's books (maybe two dozen books at most), and as you know, the Internet had not been created yet (or at least available to the masses). I know, I'm dating myself here (I'll be 41 this month). But my point is that it was much harder back then to learn about a topic you were unfamiliar with. We didn't have library books on it, there were no local groups on it, and the Internet wasn't around (hey, we had three television stations and a black and white TV).

Anyway, I was the ultimate Michael Jackson fan. I had the MJ jackets, sequined glove, posters on the wall, and even praticed the dance moves. Hey, I was 11 years old, what can I say? Then somehow or another I was given a Michael Jackson book that told about him and his life. I absorbed every word, trying to learn as much about him as I  possibly could.

The book said that Michael Jackson was a vegetarian and discussed his love of animals and nature. I had no idea what that was, but I was intrigued. There was no vegetarian group in my town and I didn't know any vegetarians. I asked my mom what a vegetarian was and she said it was someone that didn't eat meat, but still eat poultry (I forgive her). So I declared to my family that I was going to be a vegetarian and would only eat turkey and chicken. My mom didn't think I could do it, and I made a bet with her that I could do it for a year, which I did.

I later went on to learn much more about vegetarianism and what a vegetarian really is and what they do and don't eat (for the record, they do not eat chicken and turkey). The information in my small town was very limited and I had no way to get my hands on more. As an adult I lived in a large city and sought out the information at the local library, finding a lot of it. Thus began my vegetarian journey!

But I guess you could say my "vegetarian" path, or at least introduction, began with Michael Jackson. And I'm forever greatful!

Even though he's gone, his music still lives on and I remain a big fan. My favorite song by him is the Earth Song. As someone who loves nature and animals, I find the song and video to be amazing! Just sit back, watch it, and feel the power. Two thumbs up for Michael!

Here's a link to the song lyrics, which are also great!



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