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A sad day for "The Senator" tree in Seminole County, Florida and Update

Back in May 2010 I blogged about a 3,500 year old tree that is not far from where I live here in Florida.The senator
 The tree is called "The Senator" and is located in Longwood, which is in Seminole County. You can read about my posts here and here.

I'm a treehugger, so maybe I'm a bit bias when I say that the tree was absolutely amazing. It was huge, beautiful, and filled with more history than any of us have ever seen. It stood through slavery, depressions, occupations, wars, and more. It was the oldest tree in the state, the oldest Cypress in America, and the 5th oldest tree in the world.

As of the this morning, "The Senator" is no more.

Breaking news came out this morning that the tree burned down and has been destroyed. You can read about it here. Seems to be the only tree in the forest over there that burned down in this tragic fire. They do not know how it was started yet, but my guess would be arson. We didn't have any storms or lightening last night, so it seems like it can't really be natural forces that sparked it.

I am really interested in hearing the reason that is announced for what burned this old strong tree down and will watch for the news on that. If it is our fellow man, which I fear it may be, I feel even more saddened. The thought that there are people out there so apathetic and callous that they would burn down a 3,500 year old tree is astonishing and sad.

One thing is for certain, I'm greatful I got a chance to see it in all its glory. And it will be missed...

"Even trees do not die without a groan." -- Henry David Thoreau

Update: Here's the latest from the news: "And state investigators believe the fire was set intentionally."

Update on February 29, 2012 - Someone was arrested today for allegedly burning down the tree. See the news report here.


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My fiance went and I wanted to go find a Indian Restaurant in the Longwood area, some how I came across your blog for Gateway to India. Long story short you'ld be proud to know, one day for an outing we went to both Big Tree Park and Gateway to India and greatly enjoyed both. I was sooooo sad today and nearly cried when I heard the news of this awesome tree had met its demise. Yet I would like to say Thank You, bc with out you writing about the Senator we would never have had experienced this piece of natural history.


Hi Amy,

Thanks for the feedback. I'm so glad that it prompted you to go check out the tree. It's so sad what happened to it, but I'm glad you made it there to see it.


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