2011 Central Florida VegFest Re-Cap
Quick Vegan Kale Smoothie for Breakfast

That's My Veg Kid and Simple, Yet Tasty Vegan Food

I had two things today that I wanted to share.

The first one is what we had for dinner. It took me just minutes to whip up some tasty vegan tostadas. Once I had them on the plate I had to take a picture and share with you all just how easy it is to get some healthy vegan food on the table. Just get some good tostada shells, top it with organic refried or black beans, then add chopped lettuce, tomato, onion, jalepenos, vegan sour cream, vegan cheese (daiya), and some salsa. Delicous, nutritious, and super easy to make!



The second great thing today involved my 5 year old son. He walked into my office and said he needed a piece of paper so that he draw a Thanksgiving picture. Several minutes later he walked back into my office and gave me the picture below. It put a big smile on my face. He gets it! Yeah!

Turkey picture 001


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That is a tasty looking vegan tostada!! I adore your son's drawing, what a cutie. My son wants to be vegan too he is working on it. I just try to lead by example and hope he will be inspired and come around.

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