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Review: Bologna Style Tofurky Deli Slices

I know, I have said it before, but it's true - I'm a fan of Tofurky! Most items of theirs I try I tend toTofurky_bologna
 like, and having their deli slices is a staple in our house. My favorites are the hickory smoked and oven roasted varieties. We always have them in the house and use them for sandwiches. What we love to do is get the veggie delight sub from Subway for an occasional lunch and bring it home to top with vegan mayo and tofurky slices! Okay, I confess I also sometimes like to eat them by themselves or use them to make a vegan quesadilla (their deli slices, daiya cheese, onion, and a dash of jalepenos...yum!).

Today we tried a new variety, the bologna style. We topped our Subway sub with the Tofurky bologna slices, like usual. My husband and I both liked this type. I am sure I will be buying it regularly, along with the other two favorite flavors of ours.

On another Tofurky note, a friend sent me this link this week that shows the process of how Tofurky is made. You can watch the video here. I liked seeing the video and how it is made. I was impressed with the quality standards set forth by the Tofurky company. I didn't care for the tone of the person who was doing the narration and how she kept saying "fake meat" and in the end that it is shipped to "hippie retailers." While vegetarianism may have once been synonomous with hippies, today it is mainstream and even my local grocery store carries a wide range of Tofurky (and other vegetarian) products.


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Thanks for writing about Tofurky, for some reason I couldn't get the link to the video to work...I would enjoy watching it. "Hippie retailers"? Wow...must have been a real hipster narrating the video.

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