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"Keep your vegan comments to yourself." If you have been a vegetarian or vegan for a while, that is something you have probably heard before (or replace vegan with vegetarian, animal rights, etc.). Shoot, in my over 16 years of veg*ism I have heard it more times than I care to count. I heard it again this morning and it made me think...

I saw a post online about how a law firm donated 1,000 turkeys to families for the holidays. My response was that I would have liked it better if it was something less cruel, that didn't support the torture and death of 1,000 animals. They could have donated other food items that didn't involve killing turkeys. The response back to me was "Keep your vegan comments to yourself."

Really? Why is it that only veg comments must be kept to yourself? Non-veg comments are rampid. They are everywhere! The article I was referring to was a non-veg comment. There are non-veg billboards, ads, pictures, etc. Everytime someone says what they are eating for lunch, making for dinner, etc. is all non-veg comments.

So why is it that only veg comments get told they should be kept to oneself? In a sea of non-veg comments, why is it that one decending voice is such a nuisance to the crowd? 

As for me, I will continue to be the nuisance voice that doesn't keep my veg comments to myself. Because I'm not speaking for me when I make a pro-veg comment. I am speaking for the animals, the environment, and all the other issues that benefit from people eating a plant-based diet.

If my one veg comment makes someone uncomfortable, so be it. That can't pale in comparison to all that we vegetarians have to listen to on a daily, yes daily, basis. And their uncomfortableness, and ours, doesn't begin to compare to that which the animals endure every minute of their short-lived lives.

I am reminded of a quote I really like from Dr. Melanie Joy's book called "Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows." She says vegetarians: "... must live in a world where they are constantly bombarded by imagery and attitudes that offend their deepest sensibilities."


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