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Award for the 3 Top Veggie Burgers

Over 16 years ago when I became a vegetarian I don't even remember there being veggie burgersWinner
 readily available in the market. Soon after I came across a few, but wasn't too impressed. Today there are loads of them! Restaurants have them, stores have them, and people (even omnivores) are making them on a regular basis. This is a good thing! For every veggie burger that is eaten it is one less animal burger, so that is something to smile about.

I have tried a lot of veggie burgers over the years. Frozen ones, non-frozen, in restaurants, homemade versions, etc. I have tried my share! Here are my top three picks when it comes to veggie burgers (in no particular order):

  • Sunshine Burgers. I love Sunshine Burgers! They are made from all good ingredients. There's no gmo's, no ingredients you can't understand, and they are organic. What is not to love? The garden herb and falafel ones are my favorite, but they are all good! Keep some of these babies on hand in your freezer and you have a quick, healthy meal in a flash.
  • Gardein beefless burger. LIke the Sunshine Burgers, these are frozen patties. They have a nice texture, cook up well, and are quite tasty! Gardein also claims on their site that they do not use any gmo soy in the ingredients.
  • Homemade veggie burgers. The only downside is that they are not as fast to make as the other two. But they are good! I have tried several recipes (ones for chickpea burgers, lentil burgers, etc.), but my absolute favorite recipe for homemade veggie burgers is for the Very Veggie Burgers, which is found in the book "Vegan on the Cheap: Great Recipes and Simple Strategies That Save You Time," by Robin Robertson (my favorite cookbook author). They take longer to make, but are so good!

So, what's your favorite veggie burger? Is it a frozen patty, a homemade one, or one a restaurant serves up?


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