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Another Vegan Thanksgiving In the Books, Tofurky Love

I first became vegetarian over 16 years ago now. I remember my first couple of Thanksgivings as aTofurky 001
vegetarian. I would go to my family's house, where they would have the usual feast, centered around a dead bird. I used to make us (my husband and I) something like lasagne to take along.

I can't remember when it was that I finally stumbled upon the Tofurky. But I'm sure glad we did! We have been having the Tofurky roast for every big holiday meal (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter) for years. My daughter is seven and I know we were having Tofurky on Thanksgiving for a few years before she was ever born. I'm thinking it has to be nearly the last decade that we have been having Tofurky for Thanksgiving.

In our house, we all love the Tofurky! It's easy to prepare, delicious, and fits in with our compassionatePie
 lifestyle. I'm grateful for a lot of things in my life, too many things to list here, but I can say that Tofurky is one of them.

Today I read our turkey-friendly books to my kids. My daughter helped me make the dinner. We had a great homemade vegan pumpkin pie, and we all enjoyed eating a great meal together. It has been a good day!

Here's to another great Thanksgiving feast...Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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