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My Vegan BBQ Bash Vision Comes to Fruition

As many of you know, I started the Daytona Beach Vegetarian Society several years back. Over the lastVegan bbq 049
 year we have done educational outreach events every month, in an effort to raise awareness about vegetarianism.

Last January I had vision of an event I wanted to pull off. I wanted to hold our "1st Annual Vegan BBQ Bash" and invite the public. My mission was to hold it in October and make it a celebration of Vegetarian Awareness Month. So we talked about it, planned for it, and put it on the calendar.

This past weekend it came to fruition! My vision was played out in the community. We invited the community enjoy an all vegan BBQ celebration, and they came. More than 100 people (overwhelmingly not vegetarians) from the community came out to it and it was wonderful!

There are many people in communities who hand out vegan food samples, which is great. But that's not what I wanted to do with this event. Giving someone one sample of a piece of vegan food doesn't get them to want to go vegan or believe they can enjoy an entire meal based on vegan foods. Our vegan BBQ did!

We had three picnic tables filled with vegan foods. People ate and enjoyed an entire vegan meal. Then we spoke to let them know that we just proved to them that they can enjoy an entire vegan meal and get tasty foods and never miss eating animals. Eating a cruelty free meal is not only do-able, but it was tasty and fun!

What an amazing event. So many people attending and thanking us. Plus, we handed out loads of information on veganism. I can't wait to do it again next year! You can see all the pictures from this event by going here.


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