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Vegan Veggie Wraps - A favorite lunch!


For the last month I have been on a kick of eating these wraps on almost a daily basis for lunch. I love them! It's a twist on my favorite sandwich, which I named the "veggie grand slam." It's basically a veggie grand slam, but in a wrap!

I decided to take a picture of it today and share it with you all. In the picture, you will see it unwrapped and then wrapped.

What I do is start with a Food for Life Brown Rice Tortilla. I then spread Sabra hummus on it (my favorite flavors are the spinach and artichoke, and the roasted garlic), then I top it with sprouts, cucumber slices, tomato, onion, lettuce, and avocado. Then just wrap it up and enjoy! I love this for lunch and could eat it every day, but since I'm not always home, I have been averge 4-5 times per week. I'm hooked on this right now!

Give it a try and let me what you think! Quick, healthy, and delicious!


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