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Snapperfest - just more double standards in animal cruelty

Have you seen what is going on with the Snapperfest being held in Indiana? Check out the video below to see their version of a good time. While the crowd applauds, cheers and acts like it is wonderful, the video brought tears to my eyes. I cannot fathom why people believe treating animals in such a way is fun, sport or should ever be condoned.

I really wonder how people would feel if the snapper was replaced with a dog or cat. I don't think they would like it and would probably fight against it. But that's because it is a cat or dog (usually the only animals people are actually referring to when they say they are animal lovers or against animal cruelty).

Additionally, here is a news article on this disgusting event.

This type of animal cruelty should never be allowed or tolerated, so people chearing it is beyond me. It seriously is.


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Sadly, I've known people who would still be cheering if the snapper were a cat or a dog---especially a cat.

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