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My Vegan Plate, Thanks to the Vegetarian Resource Group

Vegan plate 
The Vegetarian Resource Group recently posted the vegan version of the new government "my plate." They have a completed handout, as well as a coloring page for kids. This turned out to be a great activity for me to do with the kids this morning.

I printed the sheets off and we first used the full color handout to discuss the vegan food groups and what goes into each one, why they are important, etc. We discussed fiber, antioxidants, strong bones, protein, etc. Then, I gave them each their vegan my plate coloring sheet to color in. As they colored we continued to talk about various foods that would be in each group and some of their favorites.

This is an easy, yet effective, activity that you can do with your kids, too. You can find the full color handout and coloring page here (along with other helpful info). Thanks, VRG!


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Jessica @Vegbooks

Love it! I always have my kiddo pick out one food from each group for lunch, but we're still calling the grain group "breadies" (leftover from her toddler days). This might be a good activity to help her learn more about why each group is important to good health! Thanks for the tip.


You betcha! :)


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