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Every so often on Facebook one of my friends posts something like this:

Place this cat and dog on your wall to show that you are against animal cruelty ..../\„,„/\......... //^ ^\\...( =';'= ).......(/(_•_)\) .../*♥♥*\........._/''*''\_ .(.|.|..|.|.).......(,,,)^(,,,) I DON'T LIKE people that hurt animals!

I cringe when I see that. My first response is to say something like "Me, too! What are you having for dinner today?"

People should actually be writing they are against animal cruelty toward cats and dogs only, because they post that and then sit down to eat a variety of other animals. So today I have decided that in addition to that type of response from me, I will also add the link to the Meat Video and urge them to watch that.

After all, they are stating they are against animal cruelty, yet I know they are contributing to it daily. They brought it up, so it seems like a great time for me to add the link! As it is they are often the same people that post all week long about what they are eating or cooking, and 9 times out of 10 it is a dish made from flesh.

If you see others posting that on Facebook, consider adding the link to the Meat Video and asking them what they are having for dinner (if you know they are an animal eater). It's a contradiction that people just don't get and perhaps you can help them make the connection.



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