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I've always been a big fan of eggplant. I love it as a spread, made into a sandwich, or just served as veganDominex1 eggplant parmesan. I will try it prepared just about any way!

I have bought some of the Dominex eggplant products before and liked them. This week I came across their vegan veggie fries, which are battered eggplant fries.

I made and served them alongside a veggie burger, peas and some fruit. My whole family loved them! The kids lapped them up and asked for more.

Two thumbs up for the Dominex veggie fries made of eggplant. If you haven't tried them, they are found in the freezer section. You can check out their site here to see where they are sold near you. I will definetly buy them again.


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Love these!!!

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