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My son's 5th birthday party - all vegan

My spirit has been renewed...

For a lot of people, I think when you have been an activist for a while you can become burned out. I don't know if that is the right term for how I have felt over the last few months, but I was beginning to wonder if I should throw the towel in on all my efforts to try and get people to think more about their treatment to animals in our society.

Ever since I had read the book "Change of Heart," I have felt like I have been wasting my time all these years and that maybe my efforts would be better spent doing something completely different. Something that didn't involve trying to teach people about having compassion for animals. Then, just when I was about to give it up, a few things happened that have renewed my activist spirit.

Here are some of the those thing (in no particular order):

  • My son told me that he wanted his birthday party to be completely vegan. It is the first time I've thrown a birthday party for either of my kids (because they were too young before to know enough people to attend). I was thrilled! So I have planned a vegan birthday party for his 5th birthday, which will take place next Wednesday (I will blog about it!).
  • At the library this past weekend there were about 40 people that came out, with their children, to learn more about having compassion for animals. I was happy to see so many people interested in learning more, thanking us for holding such an event, and learning more about veganism.
  • Each time we hold an event at the library I take some samples of our vegan food out to one of the librarians. I have chatted with her at the library for years, but veganism never came up until holding these events. When I went to take her food at this last one she happily said to me that she and her daughter had both gone vegan! She told me how they had replaced their meat with alternatives and were not missing the meat at all. I was thrilled! She also asked if we had some literature she could have (and boy did I), so I gave her a stack of one of everything we had (which included brochures, a video, and more). She said if I hadn't been holding the events it never would have happened. Success!
  • A friend of mine, of whom I have spoke to about vegetarianism and provided her with a goodie bag of info on the topic, has recently celebrated her six month meat-free anniversary and is going strong!
  • Leo's post at ZenHabits about "When Being Whow You Are Challenges the Norms."

So there you have it. Some things that have helped me find renewed interest and spirit in pushing on and helping to spread the message. A message of having campassion for animals.

Do you ever start to feel burned out? If so, what picks you back up to keep up the good fight?



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