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My son's 5th birthday party - all vegan

A couple of months ago, while kicking ideas around for my son's 5th birthday party, he told me he wanted to have a Spiderman bounce house party and that he wanted it all vegan. Yesterday, we pulled it off!

I ordered a vegan Spiderman cupcake cake from a local vegan bakery, called Sweetsies, and made a variety of vegan foods. I made mac and cheese bites for the kids (recipe can be found here), cold pasta salad, watermelon, hummus and chips, and raisins on a log. We also rented a Spiderman bounce house (along with picnic tables and a sno-cone machine) from The Jumpy Place. Everything turned out great and the party was a lot of fun!

Here's some pictures from the party (the last picture is of the party bags that we handed out to each kid at the end, and what was in them):

Tristan birthday 050

Tristan birthday 062

Tristan birthday 072

Tristan birthday 074

Tristan birthday 060



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Nice! Thanks for sharing all your ideas! I have a 5-year-old birthday to plan here in a couple months.


Thank you for the recipe! :)

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