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I just read this article that once again Comerica Park, in Detroit, was named one of the most vegetarian friendly ballparks for 2011 (not the first time they have made this list), by PETA.

It is important to note that just because a place gets nomited or named as a vegetarian friendly place does not mean that it is actually good once you get there.

It is likely that all PETA has done in giving them this distinction is to see a menu of what they offer (aComerica-park  
self-submitted menu). They probably haven't shown up unannounced as regular patrons, so they could try the vegetarian food as it is being served up to everyone. I have.

Last summer on our yearly trip back to Michigan we took in a game at Comerica Park. We planned to eat there, since we had read how vegetarian friendly they were. You can read the full review I wrote about our experience right here.

So take it as their annual list of places. Not necessarily a review of what was actually good to eat at these ballparks. That is two totally different things.


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