Happy Earth Day!
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2011 Central Florida Earth Day Festival

Today we spent a few hours over at the Central Florida Earth Day Festival. This was our fourth year attending and we really enjoy it. One of the things that I love is that all food there is vegan, so they really make sure that what is being preached is also being practiced. I have been to "Earth Day" events in the past where they will selling meat and dairy products, which really shot a hole through their credibility on the issues.

So all vegan food, lots of free samples, booths to peruse and plenty of information and education. A great time!

We ate some food from Ethos Vegan Kitchen, Loving Hut, and Raphsodic Bakery. All was wonderful! We also has samples of Sun Chips and Stacy's Pita Chips with Sabra hummus. We left there so stuffed, seriously! But it was hard to pass up tasting several vegan food options.

If you want a convenient store bought hummus, Sabra rocks! We have been buying it since I visited my sister about six months ago and she had it at her house. Even though I usually make my hummus myself, theirs is awesome and saves time. Plus, they have more flavors than I ever made (my favorite is the spinach and artichoke, but the plain one today was awesome as well).

Here are some pictures from this year's event, including of all the vegan food.

Earth Day 049 


Earth Day 050 


Earth Day 057 

Earth Day 060 


Earth Day 061 

Earth Day 064 


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I was there too! Great event on a beautiful day. Ethos makes such amazing mac and "cheese", and I had a great doughnut from Fresh A Peel. (not the healthiest, i'm sure, but environmentally friendly and cruelty-free!)

Did you see the Living Social deal for Raphsodic Bakery?



Hi Amanda,

I did see that deal. I didn't buy it though because it would have cost me a lot in gas to go over there. But they have great stuff!


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