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10 Places to Get a Veggie Burger, Vegan and Non-Vegan

Veggie burgers are sweeping the nation and found in all areas of the country! Back when I first became aThe_Breakers_veggie_burger  
vegetarian, 15.5 years ago, I don't remember veggie burgers being offered in any restaurants. Today I find them in so many places. Hopefully, a sign of the times, and of things to come!

Here are 10 nationwide places you can get a veggie burger (assuming all restaurants are participating). Those in bold offer a vegan veggie burger.

  1. Red Robin - not only do they have a veggie burger, but they have two! They offer a non-vegan Gardenburger and a vegan Boca Burger. Plus, you can substitute any mean on their menu for the vegan burger (e.g., salads, wraps, sandwiches, etc.).
  2. Johnny Rockets - they even let people know that their vegan burger is cooked on a different area of the grill! Can't beat that!
  3. Chili's - they offer a non-vegan blackbean burger.
  4. Ruby Tuesday - they offer a non-vegan veggie burger option.
  5. Denny's - they have a vegan veggie burger.
  6. Burger King - they offer a non-vegan veggie burger option.
  7. Subway - they offer a veggie burger patty option for the subs (non-vegan).
  8. Benigan's - has a vegan veggie burger
  9. Rainforest Cafe - they have a vegan veggie burger (just leave the sauce off).
  10. Village Inn - their veggie burger option is vegan, just leave off the mayo.

Looking for veggie burger options in Orlando or the Daytona Beach area? Check these out:

  • In the Daytona Beach area you can get a vegan veggie burger at a couple of places, including the ones listed above, as well as the Avocado Kitchen (located on Beach Street in Daytona Beach). They have a homemade veggie burger and half the menu is vegetarian! Also, if you want an oceanfront view with your veggie burger, check out The Breakers in New Smyrna Beach. You can get a vegan veggie burger and an ocean view!
  • In Orlando be sure to get the Samson Burger at Ethos Vegan Kitchen! Their menu is all vegan and all delicious!

Pictured: The vegan veggie burger at The Breakers in New Smyrna Beach.




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