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Vegan Handbags by Bella Luna Designs Rock!

In recent years I had to scramble to find nice designer vegan handbags. Basically I was kind of limited toOrange1  
whatever I could find on local store shelves and they were not always the most flattering. But that's all changing now!

I love purses and handbags and now there are so many great vegan handbags that are available. Last week I added one to my collection by Bella Luna Designs. My favorite color is orange, so I chose the orange vegan handbag (pictured). But there are many other great ones to choose from.

Got the handbag in the mail and I love it! The purse is beautifully designed, roomy and has plenty of pockets for organizing. And my daughter was hooked immediately on the little bear hanging from it!

If you want a great vegan handbag, check out Bella Luna Designs. As for me, I'm proudly sporting my new purse and I'm so glad vegan purses are now nice. It's great to be in style, while not having to compromise on quality and ethics!


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