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Happy Meatout Day! HDRmeatout(900x125)

That's right, today is the national Meatout day that is put on each March 20th by F.A.R.M. If you are not familiar with it, visit their site here to learn more. There, you will find a variety of recipes, resources and more!

People often ask me why I'm a vegetarian. I have offically been a vegetarian for around 15.5 years, but unofficially I was on a path toward it for what I belive is much of my life leading up to that point. It's just that in October of 1995 I officially made the leap to vegetarianism and have never looked back.

There are many reasons why people choose vegetarianism and there are no right or wrong reasons. HereTop10  
are 10 of my many reasons for being a vegetarian:

1. Animal rights. While the term "animal rights" often gets a bad wrap and scares people off, it is actually a good thing. I care about other creatures and don't want to harm them. Therefore I make choices in my life that aim to limit harming them as much as possible. This goes for my diet, as well as my lifestyle choices.

2. Environment. Eating a vegetarian diet is the best possible diet for a healthy planet. It uses the least amount of resources. I believe in caring for our planet and preserving it for future generations. Vegetarianism is the best way to do that.

3. Health. The leading causes of death in America are due mostly to one's diet. Meat clogs the arteries, leading to heart disease, as well as cancer and other health problems. You will be healthier and can help prevent many health problems by adoping a plant based diet. (By the way, my cholesterol level is 112!)

4. Peace. People walk around with peace symbols on their clothes and waving them with their fingers, but real peace begins with what is on your plate. You can't be a peaceful person while dining on misery.

5. Harmony. I love nature and all things in it (okay, truth be told I'm not fond of dogs) but still, I want all things to live in harmony on this planet. Vegetarianism helps me do that.

6. World hunger. People say they want to find a way to help stomp out world hunger. But the truth of the matter is that producing vegetarian food takes far less resources and could help to feed many more people around the world.

7. Logic. When analyzing reasoning it is clear to me that I can live a healthy life without taking the lives of other beings. It just makes logical sense to me to not harm animals if I don't need to. We don't live in times where you have to eat meat or you may die. I see no logical reason to cause such misery to satisfy taste buds.

8. Unselfishness. Being a vegetarian is being unselfish. Meat eaters usually say they do so just because they like the taste. So their selfish act costs lives, creates misery, and helps to destroy the planet.

9. Anatomy. Humans were not designed to be meat eaters. Our bodies have been designed to be herbivores and when comparing things like our teeth, intestines and such it is clear to see this. We evolved to eat meat, but we were not designed to do so.

10. Example. Like Gandhi was quoted as saying, "my life is my message." I live my life as I would like the world to be. I am the change...



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Hi Jacqueline! Thank you so much for participating in the Meatout bloggers' event and for sharing your helpful TOP 10! with everyone! I'm so glad you joined us. Looking at your top 10, my #1 take-away is you can't be a peaceful person while dining on misery! thanks again! Cheers for the animals! ~ Cindi


Hi Cindi,

Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you like the peace one. It just makes sense! :)



Hi, can u explain number 9 or tell me where to find info to explain please. i totally believe you however i shared this and there is a comment of where did you get your info...please help me, Thx! Kathi


Hi Kathi,

Thanks for your question. Along with learning about it in college anthropology (as I did), you can find some info here:

There are many more references out there, as well as books that cover the topic. But this should get you started! :)


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