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Thoughts on Oprah's Staff Taking the Vegan Challenge

Did you watch Oprah yesterday to see the results of so many of her staff members taking the vegan challenge? I am not an Oprah fan, but I actually tuned in to see what happened.

What I liked:
That Oprah even did it in the first place. It introduced a lot of people to veganism and made them more aware of the food they were eating and the cruelty they were contributing to. I also liked that some of the people found it eye-opening and even said they were going to continue with it. There were some positive benefits that people shared, which was great! I liked that they showed some of what happens in a slaughterhouse. And Kathy Freston was wonderful, two thumbs up for her! I haven't seen her new book, but I will pick it up! I also liked that they are making the Harpo cafeteria more vegan friendly for now on.

What I didn't like:
All the talk of poop and gas. It may scare people away from eating vegan foods because they think this is the norm. I think these people were just so bound up that the fiber finally got them pushing all that rotting flesh out of their system! I also didn't care for all the talk about the "dignity" of the animal and making sure they are not suffering. Even Oprah uttered the words that the cows didn't suffer. Sorry, but you killed the animal. It suffered. To "suffer," by definition means to be forced to endure something. The cows were forced to endure death, skinning, dismemberment. They suffered. Enough said. So someone shooting a bolt into your head, without your consent is not suffering? Hmm...  Also, they shielded the audience from the most horrific part of the slaughterhouse, and that was done purposely. Because it would be really hard for people to watch the cow "suffer." I would really have liked Lisa Ling to come on and tell how she felt watching it, as well as continuing to eating meat, rather than hear Oprah say it for her. I would like to have hear it from her. I thought it was odd that she was not present for a follow-up.

As for Pollan, I think he is more against eating meat than he cares to admit. That's why he keeps it to only a couple of times per week and speaks out against the large meat industry. However, I think he sticks to saying he is for eating it, when done right, because he is afraid he may lose his audience if he said otherwise. His books are largely read by omnivores and he gives them an "out" so they find a way to eat animals and feel somewhat better about it. I do like how he encourages people to see the meat process, especially if they are supporting it.

And did you notice the commercials for all the animal products during the show? Oh my...

Overall, a show worth tuning into. I hope that it has a long-lasting impact on viewers as well as her staffers. What did you think of it?


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What a whole lot of propaganda to benefit the meat industry


Kathryn, I agree that they actually made the meat industry not look as evil as it really is. That part I had a problem with, too!

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