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My birthday was in January and the day came and went (I was out on a cruise, softening the blow ofCircus bag  
turning 40). Meanwhile, one of my sisters was searching for the perfect birthday present for me. And when I got back, a package arrived.

I first need to back up a minute and set the stage for why she chose this gift. The night before I was leaving for my cruise I was talking on Skype with one of my friends. She knows and respects my stance on animal rights. However, her son unknowingly said on camera that they were going to the circus on January 15th. My heart sunk.

Not only were they going somewhere that I find to be riddled with animal cruelty, but they were doing it on my birthday. And on the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., who also opposed oppression. My friend quickly hushed her son and I could tell that she was not happy that he had shared this information with me. But he's seven, and it's hard for kids to keep such things to themselves.

Anway, I got off Skype and was upset about the issue. Minutes later I spoke with my sister and told her what was wrong, and how I felt that I learned this information. If I have friends that go to such places, I really don't want to know. If I find out it only seems as though I have made no impact at all on  them in regard to the treatment of animals and makes me look at them a little differently for supporting such cruelty.

My sister tried to make me feel better and told me that not everyone sees these issues like I do. They go through life just not paying attention or seeing the deeper meaning of what is going on, like I do. She's right. I got off the phone and moved on, although I did mention it to my friend after my vacation and we discussed it.

Anyway, my birthday present came from my sister. It was a animal rights bag about the circus! I loved it! She had it shipped right from the company, so I had to call and ask if it was from her, as I knew she said my present would arrive anyday. She told me she was trying to find the perfect present for me and was looking for animal rights and vegan gifts, when she happened upon that bag. And following our discussion, it was perfect!

Mind you, my sister is not a vegetarian, vegan or into animal rights. But she is awesome in supporting me being into these issues and even got me a great animal rights gift! She rocks! Does she go to circuses? I really have no idea and I hope I never find out if she does! However, I must say that I'm proud of her for kicking milk last year after I explained that it has pus in it. She is now an almond milk drinker.

The bag is by Calico Dragon Bags... they have great stuff. Check them out here.


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Candy Brown

Jacqueline - thanks so much for letting people know about our Whips & Chains design!! It is my favorite, and the first design I came up with that inspired me to start this line!


My pleasure, it's a great bag! Thank you for making them! :)

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