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Meditation Creates Empathy

Last year I wrote about a research study that came out that found that what sets vegetarians and vegansMeditation  
apart from omnivores is empathy. You can read that post here.

Therefore, we need to find ways to get people to have more empathy. It stands to reason that it would automatically lead to an increase in vegetarian and veganism. While there are many ways that we can try to create a world with more empathy, one answer may lie in mindful meditation.

The Massuchusettes General Hospital has released information on a mindful meditation study that they conducted and will be released in a medical journal next week. They found that over time, engaging in mindful meditation increases one's level of empathy, as well as sense of self, and awareness, and reduces stress.

Through mindful meditation done over time, the grey matter in the brain is increased. And it is the grey matter that is associated with such things as memory, stress, and learning.

This is great news, because mindful meditation can be done easily, anywhere, and by any age person. We can even get our children doing mindful meditation, which will help to give them a sense of empathy.

You can read the information on the study here. You can learn more about doing mindful meditations here.


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